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G3 Evolution 5 Bearing Diabolo pink
Item Code: 5089/5pnk

G3 Evolution 5 Bearing Diabolo pink

The new Evo-G3 5 is the next evolution in diabolo design from Sundia. This is the fastest, smoothest and most stable diabolo we have ever used. Not only does the Evo-G2 5 have the revolutionary patented Stability Ring™ and Hybrid Axle™, but this new model comes with no less than 5 bearings. The inclusion of Sundia's new Hybrid Competition Axle™ makes this an incredible bit of kit.

The Hybrid Competition Axle™ is a combination of a durable central spindle and lightweight, teflon-coated aluminum sides to reduce string friction. This not only reduces the central weight but also allows for multiple wraps with far less chance of the string gripping causing a wrap-up. Two, three, even four wraps are no problem.

The bearings are set up with the horizontal sleeve bearing along the axle, and on each side of the hub is a micro-bearing inside a bearing - effectively 2 bearings on each side. This further increases smoothness, stability and speed.

This diabolo also features a new cup material which is both super durable and easy to clean. The outer cup surface has been specially ''blasted'' to give it a matte finish, which reduces friction from the sticks and string making corrections easier.

Due to the low weight and high stability, this diabolo really is perfect for beginners/kids and professionals alike.

* Cup Diameter: 125mm
* Diabolo Width: 144mm
* Weight: 255g
* Colour: pink cups, with transparent inner rings and a black center

Price is per diabolo.

Please check our news page for current stock levels.

Please note that this diabolo does not come with handsticks. Our range is available here. L.E.D kits are also available.

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