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Closure Dates

Juggleart will close on all Victorian (Australian) public holidays; we will not be answering emails or phone calls during these times. You can view a complete list of our 2018 closure dates here.

Stock Levels

(Estimated Wait Time: 2-5 business days)
  • Electroglo Devil Stick
  • Electroglo Staff
  • Fire Eating Wand/Torch
  • Fire Staff 1pce (2", 2.5", 4")
  • Kids Fun Staff
  • Monkeyfist Meteor (all colours)
  • Replacement Poi Wicks (2", 2.5", 4")
(Please contact us for more information.)
  • Acrylic Ball clear 75mm, 90mm, 140mm
  • Acrylic Ball coloured 70mm purple
  • Albatross Trainers black/silver, purple/silver, yellow/silver, white/white
  • Arlequino Mini Diabolo
  • Coral Snake Yo-Yo blue
  • Galaxy Diabolo 120mm pink
  • Gballz e8 2.75" 130g white/orange
  • Gballz e8 2.875" 155g orange
  • Gballz N8 110g green, orange, red
  • Juggling Chainsaw
  • Monkeyfist Meteor (purple)
  • Mad Hatter Top Hat
  • Performer Top Hats S/55cm, M/57cm, XL/61cm
  • Play Perfect Hoop 16mm pink, turquoise
  • Play Perfect Hoop 20mm turquoise
  • Poseidon Poi 2.5" 70mm Knob Handle
  • PX4 Sirius Smooth Handle Clubs (all colours on order)
  • PX4 Sirius Wrapped Handle Clubs (all colours on order)
  • Scarf Poi purple
  • Sil-X Ball 67 blue
  • Sil-X Ball 100 blue, orange
  • Sil-X Implosion Ball 67 orange, yellow
  • Sil-X Implosion Ball 100 pink
  • Sky-Styler 160g Freestyle
  • Softballs 180g light green, white
  • Softballs 250g
  • Softballs 500g
  • Sundia Fly Bearing (all)
  • Sundia Evolution white
  • Sundia Evolution 5 Bearing green, orange, red, yellow
  • Sundia Triple Bearing Diabolo (all)
  • Sundia Triple Bearing Marble Diabolo (all)
  • Swivel Petzl 24mm
  • Swivel Petzl 28mm
  • Swivel Rock Exotica Orbitor
  • Tiger Snake Yo-Yo blue, red
  • Ultra-Star 175g Chameleon UV
  • Ultra-Star 175g Starscape
  • Ultra-Star 175g YinYang
  • Ultra-Star Nite-Glo Sportdisc
Last updated on January 24th, 2018.
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