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Dragon Cuffs
Item Code: 4387cuff

Make your own Dragon Staff with this pair of Dragon Cuffs. Each four-spoke cuff can be easily installed onto a staff that has a diameter of 25mm or less. The cuffs are made by dedicated dragon staff exponents from the highest quality material.

The cross sticks are made of an aluminum 7075 alloy, which allows 8mm diameter for the cross without sacrificing stability or impact resistance. This material is used in the space industry and for special aircraft. Please note that excessive and repeated drops can still bend or otherwise damage the adapter connections.

The connection of the crosses to the cuff is a quick-link setup, which allows for easy assembly and disassembly. It is made with threaded ball spring plungers. While you can attach the crosses by hand, we do recommend tightening them with a screwdriver in order to avoid losing them at high rotation speeds.

Never force or over-tighten the cross fixing screws! If the cross doesn't turn while using your staff, it is tight enough. If you try to tighten these cuffs at the wrong angle, you can destroy the screw. So if the connections aren't going together smoothly, please undo the screws, check the holes for dirt or other debris, re-align the holes, and then try again.

Technical Information:

* Fits onto staffs that have a diameter of 25mm or less.
* The middle of the crosses is made of lathed aluminum, which is really light and strong.
* The sticks of the crosses are 45cm long, 8mm wide, and made of aluminum.
* There is wood in the inside upper part of the heads.

We recommend this equipment for contact staff fanatics and for those who aim for spectacular fire shows.

Item Code: 4387cuff

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